BFD: Biden's Failed Debate

This administration does not lend itself well to the split screen and the VP might very well need psychiatric care.  His smile was frightening.  For most of the night Joe Biden looked like the Joker -- Nicholson not Ledger. After 3 ½ years of Biden's playing the fool, it is hard to remember he was once considered a serious man, a serious politician.  But...Barack wasn't looking for a serious politician -- he wanted a court jester -- and that's what he got.  Now, after playing the fool for so long he has become the fool.  Yet, in the debate he wanted to again be a serious man -- or at least play one on TV.  He clearly showed why Clint Eastwood called him the "intellect" of the Democrat Party. Yet this debate wasn't like the one last week, where the loss was thorough and complete.  On substance, it was Joseph Biden's most coherent moment in many years.  If not for his behavior, which bordered on bizarre, he probably could have claimed at least a...(Read Full Article)