What Will You Do?

As a nation, we are indeed living on borrowed time -- indebted to foreigners and enslaved by a nearly insurmountable mountain of debt by virtue of Mr. Bernanke's keyboard. The chimera of a sound currency held forth by what passes for leaders today is but a gilded wrapper on an odoriferous mound. We see in the press and online the unending and vociferous wails of those who decry the possible loss of their favorite government plum. [From an 18th century political cartoon] "Don't tax me, don't tax thee. Tax that man behind the tree."] We hear daily of the terrible hardships of people who cannot get their free cell phone or who must sit at their computer and click a few buttons to receive their entitled portion of the public weal, without having to even look for work or lift more than one finger to obtain their daily bread. Real unemployment of 15% and 12 million illegals in our country and the govt. is still paying people not to work? Madness is doing the same thing repeatedly and...(Read Full Article)