Al Qaida strikes America; America denies reality

Al Qaida, "The Foundation," represents resurgent Muslim imperialism, which dates back to Mohammed, fourteen centuries ago. Like Lenin and the Viet Cong, AQ does not have to win every fight, only the last one. Al Qaida's late leader, Osama bin Laden, boasted of the organization as a "strong horse," that would attract admiration and support from around the world, as opposed to the "weak horse" embodied by the United States. AQ has just revealed Obama to be the weakest horse in history --- a feeble swayback nag --- by murdering our Libyan ambassador and burning part of the Cairo embassy. In response, we have done nothing. We don't think there's a problem. Our good buds of the "Arab Spring" allowed this to happen --- although it is the solemn duty of host governments to protect diplomatic missions. We have recognized radical madcap regimes that let our embassies to be burned and Ambassador Christopher Stevens to be murdered. Hillary and Obama enabled it. They played the weak horse. That...(Read Full Article)