Academic Expectations Lowered: Another Democrat Hit to Black Intellect

Upon hearing that the Florida School Board of Education has officially lowered academic expectations for black students over whites, as a black Conservative, I felt outraged -- but also vindicated.  We black conservatives have been fighting the liberals' (and usually the Democrats') "bigotry of low expectations" for years, only to be accused of betraying our race, called pawns of the Republicans and Uncle Toms. My goodness, how many more times must the Democrats insult your intelligence before blacks, in monolithic numbers, stop sleeping with their enemy, the Democrats?  News flash, black America: the Democratic Party insinuates that you are stupid!  In their insidious effort to keep you voting for them, they relentlessly instill a victim mindset, insisting that standards and expectations be lowered. Meanwhile, black conservatives who are fighting the good fight to rescue their people must put up with idiots calling them sellouts.  I have been asked on numerous...(Read Full Article)