Academic Expectations Lowered: Another Democrat Hit to Black Intellect

Upon hearing that the Florida School Board of Education has officially lowered academic expectations for black students over whites, as a black Conservative, I felt outraged -- but also vindicated.  We black conservatives have been fighting the liberals' (and usually the Democrats') "bigotry of low expectations" for years, only to be accused of betraying our race, called pawns of the Republicans and Uncle Toms.

My goodness, how many more times must the Democrats insult your intelligence before blacks, in monolithic numbers, stop sleeping with their enemy, the Democrats?  News flash, black America: the Democratic Party insinuates that you are stupid!  In their insidious effort to keep you voting for them, they relentlessly instill a victim mindset, insisting that standards and expectations be lowered.

Meanwhile, black conservatives who are fighting the good fight to rescue their people must put up with idiots calling them sellouts.  I have been asked on numerous occasions how I put up with "push-back" from blacks.  Simple.  I believe that these blacks are brain-dead, racist idiots.  Thus, why should I care what they think?  Also, I know I am on the Lord's side, because conservatism is best for all people.

It infuriates me when snobby, arrogant white liberals like Janeane Garofalo say that black conservatives/Republicans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.  This superior-minded white liberal, in essence, is saying that blacks who do not drink the Democrats' you-are-a-victim-of-a-racist-white-America Kool-Aid are mentally ill.  Ms. Garofalo, please keep making C-movies and stop assuming the role of a spokesperson for me.

The real black traitors to their race reside in the Democratic Party.  They're the ones who agree with liberals that requiring a photo ID to vote will "disenfranchise" blacks.  Give me a break!  And why aren't a majority of black Americans seriously POed over this insulting assumption?

Following the Democrats' logic, blacks are disenfranchised or unfairly blocked from flying, driving a car, entering the Democratic National Convention, etc.  Clearly, Democrat opposition to showing a photo ID to vote is all about insuring their ability to use voter-fraud to steal elections. And once again, "black intellect" is put on the chopping-block by Democrats to win an issue.

Frustratingly, many blacks still will not "get-it". They will interpret the Democrats' claim that blacks are too stupid to find their way to acquire a photo ID to vote as the Dems looking out for them.  While in reality, Republicans who fight the Dems' absurd claim are the ones respectfully treating blacks as equal Americans.  For crying out loud, black America, wake up!

Meanwhile, down in Tampa, the school board's new educational goal is by 2018 to have 92% of Asian students read at or above grade levels.  The goal is lower for other groups: 86% whites, 80% Hispanics, and 74% blacks.  The message is clear.  The liberal school board, which I bet a dollar to a doughnut comprises mostly Democrats, does not think blacks can cut the mustard.

As Gomer use to say on The Andy Griffith Show, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!"  The Obama administration had a hand in Florida lowering expectations and standards.  CBS Tampa reported that the Obama administration required the new goals for the state to be granted a waiver exempting it from the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.  You have got to love those Democrats, always looking out for us intellectually challenged black folks.

Wasn't Obama the guy who shut down the D.C. school voucher program, in which black kids were scoring through the roof?  In typical Democrat behavior of putting politics over people, Obama stopped the extraordinarily successful voucher program to appease the teachers' unions.

Remember the uproar over the Oakland California school board's decision to teach blacks using Ebonics because blacks are, in essence, too stupid to learn correct English?

Thank God Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was educated before liberal Democrats began lowering educational standards for blacks...or his famous "I Have A Dream" speech could be known as his "I Be Havin' A Dream" speech.

All you blacks in Hollywood who continue to roll with the Democrats' blacks-need-lowered-standards program are clearly being played.  When you produce ads and serve as spokespersons for Obama and company, you are the ones dumbing down and truly betraying your people.  Far too many of you are politically clueless, racist, brain-dead Obama zombies.  I am talking about Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Samuel L. Jackson, and Morgan Freeman, to name a few.

So please, stay out of the face of us common sense- and character-driven black conservatives.  We are on the front lines, fighting to empower not only blacks, but all Americans.