A Wise and Frugal King

Wednesday night, Americans witnessed the first debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.  By all accounts, Governor Romney soundly bested the failed president both on his command of the facts and in his demeanor.  While seeing Governor Romney dominate the debate is very encouraging, it does not change the reality that America is a bankrupt nation that long ago ceased to be a free, constitutional republic. In the debate about their ideas to improve the American economy, there can be no doubt that Governor Romney's plan will result in job-creation and economic growth; two thousand years of economic history and scholarship prove incontrovertibly that lower taxes and fewer government regulations result in economic prosperity.  The same history has demonstrated the universal failure of all forms of collectivism, Marxism, and statism as enthusiastically embraced by President Obama. Governor Romney may well win the election this November and slow...(Read Full Article)