A Shot at What?

Over the last few weeks, the differences in social and economic policy between Governor Romney and President Obama have become clear. Romney has consistently promoted a more laissez-faire or freedom-driven society with reduced government control, while Obama has promoted a society based on a large government which redistributes resources on grounds of  "justice", and "fairness."  In hopes of differentiating his flavor of redistribution from garden-variety socialism, Obama claims he only wants just enough redistribution to "give everyone a fair shot."  Obama has become infamous for using vague words without defining them (e.g. "hope", "change", "forward"), so we are left to wonder--who constitutes "everyone", what is "fair" and most importantly, under Obama's system, exactly what do we get a "shot" at? To properly understand redistribution, one should start at the most extreme of redistributing societies: communism.  Karl Marx called communism by a much more...(Read Full Article)