A New Iron Curtain

The new Iron Curtain may be descending farther to the east than its predecessor, but it is just as surely descending.  And Barack Obama is no Winston Churchill.  This time, instead of catcalls, the leader of the free world is applauding as Russia eradicates American values from his shores. Ariel Cohen of the Heritage Foundation writes that the United States must recognize that the Obama's "reset" policy has contributed mightily to the falling of the new Iron Curtain.  He notes that Putin's Russia is aggressively siding with the archenemies of America, from Iran to Syria to China.  But this is exactly what was not supposed to happen.  Obama represented that if he sold out American values and allies in Russia in Eastern Europe with his policy of Chamberlainian appeasement, Russian support for enemies like this malignant trio would end.  In fact, such support has only redoubled.  Meanwhile, American honor has been stained as we have failed to stand up...(Read Full Article)