A Disengaged President

There has been a strange turn of events in the last few weeks as we have learned more about the political and personal isolation the president has created for himself.  In Bob Woodward's latest book, The Price of Politics, Woodward describes a president antagonistic to his opponents to a toxic degree, one who has distanced himself even from his own party leadership.  Woodward describes a "monumental communications gap" between the president and House Majority Leader John Boehner at the critical moment in the 2010 budget negotiations. This morning, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, a longtime supporter of the president, wrote: For the past four years, he [Obama] has worked assiduously to avoid being quesitoned, maintaining a regal detachment from the media and other sources of dissent and skeptical inquiry. Last week, the New York Times ran an article regarding the president's response to the Arab Spring in which he is described as having distanced himself from Arab and...(Read Full Article)