Why They Hate Us

The spreading and sprawling map of open violence against America around the world and the surreal spectacle of federal agents investigating an obscure Christian filmmaker as the cause of this violence ought to make us reflect: why do they hate us?  Why do they hate America?  Why do they hate Israel?  What have we done, except to exist and be happy, to offend them? It is vital in asking this question to know just who "they" are.  An easy and incomplete answer is "radical Islam" or just "Islam."  But in fact, we are hated not just by radical Muslims, but by profoundly secular forces in the Arab World: the Ba'ath Party, for example, was the brainchild of an Arab Christian.  We are hated by the remnants of the hoary tomfoolery of Marx, whose Soviet disciples have long called us, an ocean away, the "Main Enemy." We are, of course, hated by Americans like Obama, who was nursed on malice towards his homeland and who grew up in the shadowy alternative universe in...(Read Full Article)