Why I'm a Christian Conservative (A Reply to Angry Libertarians)

To my right lies a book written by hymn writer and philosopher Isaac Watts, a textbook once used at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale for generations, to train men in the art of reason.  It opens thusly: The pursuit and acquisition of truth is of infinite concernment to mankind. Hereby we become acquainted with the name of things both in Heaven and earth, and their various relations to each other. It is by this means we discover our duty to God and our fellow-creatures; by this we arrive at the knowledge of natural religion, and learn to confirm our faith in divine revelation, as well as to understand what is revealed. Our wisdom, prudence, and piety, our present conduct and our future hope, are all influenced by the use of our rational powers in the search after truth. What soul, what power, what infinite glory Watts expresses by delivering this, his introduction to a logic textbook!  Modern man reels in disbelief at the living expression of spiritual man, the unity of...(Read Full Article)