While Obama Fields Softballs, Romney Plays Smallball

Show me a Republican campaign in which Democrats are offering advice and the Democrats' advice is better, and I'll show you a Republican campaign in trouble. Democratic political strategist Pat Caddell recently described the Romney campaign as the worst in his lifetime.  Being about the same age as Caddell, this writer must, sadly, agree.  One can only hope that the Romney camp is assembling a strong grassroots get-out-the-vote effort because the rest of the campaign, with the sole exception of choosing Paul Ryan for the VP slot, has been pathetic.  For example, on September 9, Dick Morris, the GOP's Bob Shrum -- useful as a contrary indicator and little else --  blogged enthusiastically about "Romney's Great New Ads." predicting that the ads would "move the numbers" toward Romney.  Oddly enough, a week later, the numbers seem to remain pretty much where they were.  Purported to be "targeted ads," specially tailored to appeal to various segments of the...(Read Full Article)