What Romney Must Do

The Romney campaign has a lot of work to do.  First, Mitt Romney needs to think really hard to remember what the context of his entire answer was when he made his now-infamous comment about the 47 percent of Americans who don't pay taxes.  If he can't, someone who was there needs to come forth to help refresh his memory.  Otherwise, he needs to apologize and begin to convey the true conservative message about the politics of a free society with regard to economic matters. The pundits haven't helped.  Most of them have come forth to defend him.  They've decided to turn the conversation into a battle between the makers and takers of society.  That's not going to bode well for our chances of firing Barack Obama in November, considering that his policies have forced many into the unfortunate position of relying on assistance due to high unemployment and lack of opportunity. While it goes without saying that there is a lot of fraud within the system of welfare...(Read Full Article)