We Didn't Leave AARP...AARP Left Us

The report of the AARP convention booing Paul Ryan the other day made me just shake my head and smile wryly.  These are the kind of fools who'd boo the man trying to save their bacon while they remain content to blindly follow a leftist leadership that has sold its organizational soul to liberal orthodoxy. Like millions of Americans, I received my courtesy membership to AARP upon nearing fifty, some two decades ago.  At the time, this free milestone membership, available to all Americans of that age, was the source of much merriment among such new members' younger friends and colleagues.  But membership did offer benefits -- among them a free monthly magazine, which back then was a rather colorless, stodgy production full of unappealing ads for drugs, insurance, and esoteric health aids we new readers hoped we'd never need. That bland format began to change during the 1990s to a much slicker, more professionally produced publication featuring more bright colors and...(Read Full Article)