Watch That Last Step, It's a Doozy

As any mature radical will tell you, the great advantage of a gradual unraveling, as opposed to the more colorful sudden insurrection, is that in the latter case, everyone knows what is happening and, if so inclined, may resist, whereas the former method is akin to the stealthy burglar who steals your jewels while you sleep.  You might wake up and carry on with your life for days before realizing you have lost your prized possessions and family heirlooms.  And by then it is too late. But the stealthy burglar is merely a metaphor.  What are the real, practical mechanisms whereby socialists have co-opted most of the Western world over the past hundred years without awakening the majority of the population?  No short article could hope to give a complete account of the process -- nor could any long book, for that matter, though many have explained elements of it with admirable clarity.  One invaluable tool in the radical's belt, however, is sometimes...(Read Full Article)