Upcoming U.S. Defense Strategy: Weakness, Trembling, and Passing the Buck

Official Washington has begun to focus on the implications of the planned sequestration of funds in January that will result in record cuts in defense spending.  But while the financial impact is grave, attention should be paid as well to the administration's philosophical approach to defending our national interests, laid out in a January DOD paper entitled "Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense." Noting that America must put its "fiscal house" in order, President Obama introduces the paper as America's solution to a scarcity of resources and growing complexity of challenges.  Written with the budget cuts of FY 2013 in mind (though not sequestration), the guide lays out a framework for a leaner and more nimble military.  The goal, according to the president, is to keep America's "... Armed Forces the best-trained, best-led, and best-equipped fighting force in history."  Does the guide produce a better military for less money?...(Read Full Article)