Two Cheers for the Chicago Teachers' Union

Well, well, well.  So the mighty Rahmbo has met his match in the sweet-talking president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis.  All that bravado, the stabbing of knives, the mailing of dead fishes, none of that seems to scare the union teachers, who decided to stay on strike Sunday. There is something more important than saving public education for "the children."  It is Barack Obama's reelection.  So even as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel threatens court action to send the teachers back to work, the chances are he will do whatever it takes to get the issue out of the way for his former boss. But I am not discouraged.  The teachers' unions, and government employee unions in general, are our friends.  They will do what conservatives cannot do "on our own."  They will demolish big government as we know it.  Why?  Because the union teachers hate their jobs. Liberals are running around these days extolling the wonder years of the 1950s. ...(Read Full Article)