In much the way that "a picture really worth a thousand words," so, too, can a single word spoken at the right time, in the right context, make a point that a thousand words, less well-chosen, could not. For me, not one, not two, but three such moments came during last week's Republican Convention:  a single word, spoken in passing, neither noted or remarked upon -- and yet, to this listener, that word made for the clearest statement to date of the real issue in this election. The first person to use the word was Marco Rubio, and so strong was its impact that I actually had to review the text versions of the speech to verify that Rubio had really said it.  But to my surprise, the word does not appear in any of the several text versions and transcripts that I examined, on multiple websites.  Perhaps I hadn't actually heard it?  But I was certain that I had, so I listened to the audio, and indeed, the word was there not just once, but twice. Here, from the NPR...(Read Full Article)