The Results of Radicalism in Chicago's Education System

"You've got a mouthful of gimme, a hand full of much obliged." -Clarence Williams, "Gulf Coast Blues" The difference between the lowdown character in Clarence Williams' "Gulf Coast Blues" and the striking Chicago Teachers Union is that the teachers don't bother to offer a "much obliged."  For the past three decades, Chicago's mouthful-of-gimme education elite has singlehandedly done more than any other school system in America to insure that the city's students will never rise out of poverty through gaining a meaningful education. There's something like karmic justice involved here.  Illegally elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with Barack Obama and former Chicago education czar and now U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, is faced with the perverse clash between the leftist teachers' union all of these characters blindly love and Emanuel's, Obama's, and Duncan's leftist "philosophy" of education.  Both are purposely committed with malice aforethought to do exactly...(Read Full Article)