The Value of a College Education

My two older brothers are polar opposites.  One is a fiscal conservative with a large house and property; the other squats in our deceased mom's co-op to save on rent.  One is a salaried IT executive; the other is a paralegal.  One is action-oriented; the other is philosophical and passive -- he prefers to hide from creditors, in fact, and refuses to work overtime to make additional cash.  One is college-educated; one is not.  Can you guess which is which? What is the point of having advanced education if you do nothing with it? More than twenty million students will be returning to school this fall, presumably so they can start their adult lives with a solid foundation.  According to the College Board Advocacy and Policy Center, a majority of these students have chosen to enroll in public schools instead of private.  In fact, more and more have chosen public over private each year since 2005.  The trend also points to additional enrollment in...(Read Full Article)