The Unvarnished Truth about the Left's 'Racist Sexist Homophobe' Mantra

About two hundred members of the San Francisco Tea Party were stationed next to a mix of disgruntled Democrats, Code Pinkers, Occupiers in training, and dope-heads at an anti-Obama rally in San Francisco long before the 2012 campaign was underway.  The chant du jour was "Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay.  Tea Party Go Away."  Radical lefties were screaming this at four Tea Partiers, separated only by metal barricades.  The irony was that the Tea Party recipients of this vile message happened to be...a gay man, a white woman, an Hispanic man, and, I believe, an Hispanic woman.  It's difficult for me to recall the actual makeup of this particular Tea Party quartet because Republicans and Tea Partiers don't sort people based on their color, religion, or sexual orientation.  The only reason I found out one was gay and the others Hispanic is because they told me when pointing out the idiocy of the chant. No matter what Republicans or Tea Partiers advocate, the left...(Read Full Article)