The Unvarnished Truth about the Left's 'Racist Sexist Homophobe' Mantra

About two hundred members of the San Francisco Tea Party were stationed next to a mix of disgruntled Democrats, Code Pinkers, Occupiers in training, and dope-heads at an anti-Obama rally in San Francisco long before the 2012 campaign was underway. 

The chant du jour was "Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay.  Tea Party Go Away."  Radical lefties were screaming this at four Tea Partiers, separated only by metal barricades.  The irony was that the Tea Party recipients of this vile message happened to be...a gay man, a white woman, an Hispanic man, and, I believe, an Hispanic woman. 

It's difficult for me to recall the actual makeup of this particular Tea Party quartet because Republicans and Tea Partiers don't sort people based on their color, religion, or sexual orientation.  The only reason I found out one was gay and the others Hispanic is because they told me when pointing out the idiocy of the chant.

No matter what Republicans or Tea Partiers advocate, the left always hits us between the eyes with the "racist, sexist, anti-gay" mantra -- in the press, in the classroom, in pop culture.  We are the Party of Hate and the Party of No. 

But the Big Chant is a Big Lie. 

Republicans don't seek out members because of gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, or religion.  We are interested simply in your principles and political ideology.  If you embrace the conservative principles of constitutional adherence, limited government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and individual freedom, we are your political home.  We don't care how you look, what your mother tongue is, what G-d you pray to, or what you do in your bedroom.

Not so for the Democrats who recruit based on labels, status and what individuals can offer as a voting bloc.  In the eyes of Democrats, you are part of the fabric of America only if you can be unraveled into your individual strands.  You are either an employee or employer, a union member or non-union member, black or white, religious or secular, rich or poor, pro-free market or anti-capitalist, illegal or legal, Hispanic or English-speaking, straight or gay.  And the party uses you as pawns in a very poorly played game of political chess. 

If you stray from your side of that chessboard -- as did Artur Davis or Juan Williams -- you are an Uncle Tom.  If you are not a zealous proponent of same-sex marriage and you are gay, you are a self-loathing homosexual.  If you are Jewish and believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, you are a radical, pro-occupation Zionist.  If you believe in secure borders, the enforcement of existing immigration laws, and a sound policy for the millions who are here illegally through no fault of their own, you are a racist.  If you believe that it is hypocritical to be forced to show your ID at the airport or when you use a credit card, but not at the voting booth, you are a Nazi.  

Republicans and more recently Tea Partiers have been in a quandary about how to address the left-wing "racist sexist anti-gay" mantra.

The left hopes to incite us with these accusations.  Any response is used against us.  If we address the mantra with facts, stats, and anecdotes and give examples of its inaccuracy, the left claims we are simply pointing to a handful of examples that don't reflect how truly "racist sexist and anti-gay" everyone else is. 

If we stay silent because we don't want to get tangled in the bigoted web they weave --because we don't want to fall prey to their labeling obsession -- they win by default.  Once out in the national political narrative without a rebuttal, it's a de facto victory for the left.

Tails, we lose.  Heads, we lose.

In this vein, an e-mail went out from Shawnda Westly,, to the Democrat troops immediately following the RNC Convention.  She claimed (emphasis added):  

The Republicans' convention this week was a showcase for a one-note party.

When reporters weren't covering the lies in Paul Ryan's speech or the dishonest attacks in Mitt Romney's, they were writing stories about how hard the Republicans were desperately looking to add some semblance of diversity to their ranks given the notable absence of women leaders and speakers of color at the RNC.

If these Democrat operatives had watched the Convention, they would know that this statement is blatantly false.  They are lying to voters because they don't want them to know the truth about Republicans -- that we are rife with diversity, but we just don't talk about it.  We don't divide our members by categories; we unite them.  

The Democrats might own the black, Jewish, Hispanic, and gay vote, but they don't own individuals who think for themselves.  Republicans own that group, and I'm proud to be associated with a party that values individuals, not one that uses our identities for political prowess by lumping us together in victim or interest groups.   

When I meet a delegate who is an American whose family came from India, he or she shouldn't be thrown into some contrived Indian-American-Republican group set apart from the rest of us.  Instead, these people are part of the beautifully textured fabric of America, the same one that accepted my background and wove it along with millions of others into a cozy family quilt.  The individual strands are varied, but together they make up the whole cloth that sheathes us with warmth.  That's the very fabric of the American experience, the very essence of E pluribus Unum -- out of many, one!

The Republican Party represents that ideal without orchestration, manipulation, or requirement.  There is no "to which group do you belong" sniff test.  As you consider your political affiliation, all you need to answer to be a Republican is "do you embrace the conservative principles laid out above?"

Here is the unvarnished truth about RNC Convention 2012.  The press was indeed in attendance, but a good deal of the reportage didn't accurately reflect what happened on the floor or on stage.  Many networks didn't run clips of the women or minorities who spoke. 

For a thorough understanding of what happened, visit; watch C-SPAN or YouTube, or just Google Governor Nikki Haley, Governor Susana Martinez, Governor Brian Sandoval, Governor Luis Fortuno, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love, Jane Edmonds, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Artur Davis, Mike Eruzione, Derek Parra, and Yash Wadhwa.  Listen to the pledge by Dylan Nonaka, remarks by Sher Valenzuela, or the musical brilliance of Bebe Winans & Choir or Seven.

Then, judge for yourself.  You will discover that the Democrat "racist sexist anti-gay" mantra is just a bunch of inflammatory words strung together that do not reflect the truth.

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