The Sure Cure for Voter Fraud

Conservatives are rightly concerned that the left wins close elections by fraud.  The photo identification laws which Republican legislatures have passed are a sensible reform to make the theft of votes harder, but judges whose partisan allegiance and ideological tendencies are transparent invent reasons not to enforce those laws. The left already buys votes by the tens of millions using our tax dollars to elect toadies who will oppose our economic interests and moral beliefs.  The left creates a vast superstructure of taxpayer-funded public schools, libraries, and colleges to brainwash young minds into becoming robots of leftism.  The left does not need or want to buy or coerce individual voters; it does not even think of Americans as individuals. So why does the left still need to steal votes?  The left needs voter fraud because at its core, the corrupt, vain, and dumb left is just that weak.  What can we do, though, if judges step in and stop laws intended...(Read Full Article)