The November Referendum on the Liberal Media

The old media is dialing-up its defense of a failed Presidency. It will cost them. As the Obama Doctrine, that ill-defined foreign policy born during the conflagration that brought an end to the dictator Gaddafi not unlike that recently delivered upon U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, dissolves in failure, media shills for the regime focus their criticism on Mitt Romney. It won't hurt him. But it will hurt them, because Americans are watching. While this media misdirection doesn't surprise us, what is noteworthy is the strident tone of anti-Romney desperation bleeding through outlets and pundits like the website, and TIME magazine's columnist Joe Klein. It's serves little purpose, though, to harp on the bias among the old media illuminati. Those who discern its existence need no persuasion. Those who do not are generally not subject to being persuaded, anyway. So, perhaps we might try to understand, in an historical context, the phenomenon that is today's sycophantic,...(Read Full Article)