The Empty Chair Accepts His Nomination

Barack Obama is no Barack Obama.  When it has been shown there is nothing there -- repeatedly and in a fashion that all but the most devoted minions refuse to see -- it becomes difficult to ignore.  This is not the same man who ran for President in 2008.  He was an illusion then, but today, Americans have no illusions.  "Hope and change" has become "what the hell happened?" There has been much talk in the press about Clint Eastwood's performance last week at the Republican National Convention, but the honest among them have to admit that the empty chair was a perfect metaphor for Barack Obama -- because there really is not much there. Politicians are renowned for their ability to talk and talk and talk -- all without saying much.  Yet, wasn't this one supposed to be different?  Wasn't he by now, supposed to have amassed a record of accomplishment that would put mere mortals to shame?  Weren't we readying Mount Rushmore for the man? In another era,...(Read Full Article)