The Dangers of Spreading the Wealth

In this week's duel of "gotcha" recordings, Mitt Romney sounds callous toward those who have grown dependent on government programs.  But President Obama may have more to fear from the latest reminder that he "believes in redistribution" of wealth.   After all, it was around this point in the 2008 campaign that a confident and cruising Obama campaign was put on the defensive after its candidate gave a revealing answer to a question posed by Joe (the Plumber) Wurzelbacher.  "When you spread the wealth around," candidate Obama opined, "it's good for everybody." Would a President Obama be as hostile to American free enterprise as those words suggested?  We're nearly four years into the process of finding out.  In retrospect, Americans would have been wise to look past his inspiring (but vague) calls for "hope and change" and study instead candidate Obama's economic philosophy.  Recall that in a Democratic Party debate, Obama had expressed preference for...(Read Full Article)