The Commonness of Barack Obama

Both admirers and detractors of Barack Obama have commented on what a unique historical character he is.  In a narrow sense, and particularly within the context of American history, we may grant that Obama is different. For the first time, Americans elected a president whose formative years were spent far away from the American mainland -- a man who (along with his mentor, wife, minister, and others who have been closest to him) has an intense, deep-seated dislike for the country that elected him.  Obama was dead serious when he said he wanted to "remake" America -- just as his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, wasn't fooling when he sided with Stalin against Truman's America; just as Michelle wasn't fooling when she said in 2008 that it was the first time she was proud of her country; just as Rev. Jeremiah Wright wasn't fooling when he raged, "God damn America!" So, yes, the president is unique among American presidents.  However, against the backdrop of human history, and...(Read Full Article)