The Black Vote in 2012

Republicans are making  another pitch to win black votes in 2012.  Are we going down the same fruitless path for black voters who may be utterly locked into voting Democrat, especially when the Democrat is black? Political pundits love to put people into convenient classes, but much like the "Hispanic vote" or the "women's vote," the characterizations are far too broad.  Within the Hispanic vote, for example, are people whose ethnic connections are from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and a number of other nations.  Lumping these together as the "Hispanic vote" makes about as much sense as speaking of the "European vote." Women are just like men: they do not vote as part of some tightly knit group, but as Americans who work or stay at home raising kids or live on Social Security or are on welfare.  They are the most passionate opponents of abortion and its most passionate advocates.  Feminists once tried to lump all women into...(Read Full Article)