The Biblical Case for Limited Government and Low Taxes

Liberalism, generally, favors a bigger government and higher taxes to pay for it, while conservatives advocate moving in the opposite direction: limited government and low taxes. Let's face it.  The government since FDR's New Deal has gotten bigger.  LBJ instituted the Great Society.  (I want my Game Show Government, no matter the cost!)  By now conservatives would say Uncle Sam is morbidly obese.  But liberalism is still winning, and liberals claim the moral high ground. But do they have the right to it? Not if we follow what the Bible recommends. I have to admit from the outset that I get nervous about applying the economic and political specifics of the Bible to the modern era.  But maybe we can draw general principles from the ancient theocracy of the Old Testament, which eventually evolved (or devolved) into a royal theocracy. Of course, we don't -- nor should we -- live in a theocracy.  So let's proceed with caution as we look at the Bible. The...(Read Full Article)