The Democrats' Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay Elephant in the Room

In this highly polarized, contentious election season, the media frequently portrays the GOP as anti-woman and anti-gay.  The desire of most Republicans to protect the unborn has been speciously transmogrified into hatred of women and a plot to control their reproductive systems and, ultimately, their lives.  It's what prompted Code Pink to protest at the Republican National Convention with members dressed up as vaginas to graphically bring home what they perceive as a war on women by Republicans who they claimed want to set the clock back several decades, erase the progress made by the  women's rights movement, and relegate women to second class citizenry.  The ardent protests against Republicans and the concomitant apocryphal charges that they are anti-woman and anti-gay are par for the course.  In actuality, Republicans are merely advocating for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage and do not demonstrate hatred against any group.  However, to...(Read Full Article)