Slugging It Out against Israel

The Daily Beast website covers breaking news, sex, celebrities, economics, and politics.  The Beast is a beast to Israel.  The keeper of the Beast is Newsweek, the iconic magazine read the world over; their website sports Vox Box, a collection of themed packages from as many as nine authors.  Only one of these, comprising Peter Beinart and some contributors, posting daily under the masthead Open Zion/Zion Square, focuses on Israel.  Beinart and his claque post about the terrible treatment of Palestinian children, and how the right threatens the future of Israel and the fate of the Jews. Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of Newsweek and The Daily Beast,  kvelled in signing Andrew Sullivan as her leading opinion-maker despite his death wish for the little State.  In January 2010, Sullivan wrote: I too am sick of the Israelis for their contempt for the interests of their most important ally, their continuation of brutalizing colonization of the West Bank, their...(Read Full Article)