See-Get: Choom Gang Economic Theory

When I read the other day that food stamps are being used to buy pop tarts, cookies, honey buns, candy bars, corn dogs, taffy, and cheesecake, it finally clicked: liberal economic and social policies reward stoners. In honor of the president's old gang, let's call this new Chicago school of economic and social policy Choom Gang Economic Theory ("CGET" or the more descriptive "See-Get Economics," particularly given the theory's heavy reliance on entitlement and notable lack of emphasis on work).  CGET's apparent goal is to extend adolescence indefinitely, and then mire it in vice.  This will have devastating effects on American youth and the economy, but it completes the link between Summer of Love irresponsibility and modern liberal economic theory.  Consider the following Obama/Democrat Party initiatives and achievements: Ninety-nine weeks of unemployment insurance now provide a cushion, not a safety net. A waiver of the work requirements for both cash welfare and...(Read Full Article)