Russia's Surprising Post-Communist State Ideology Emerges

The apologists for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin have always maintained a two-pronged position when they argue that we should not worry about his aggressive moves to recreate a Soviet state.  First, he has no ideology analogous to Communism, and second, the power of the internet.  These two bulwarks were supposed to protect us from a neo-Soviet dictatorship.  But under Barack Obama we have seen both blown away as if by an atomic blast. Two recent events show how the ideology of the Russian Orthodox Church, ironically the bogeyman of the Communists, has replaced Communism as the official state ideology of the Kremlin. For years, Putin has been slowly insinuating the Church and its clergymen into the halls of power.  Now, the emboldened and empowered Church is using its power to obliterate the authority of competing religions. The most dramatic example of this insidious effort came last week, when the Holy Trinity Pentecostal Church in Moscow's eastern suburb...(Read Full Article)