Romney Needs to Bury Obama's Liberalism

The general estimate is that Mitt Romney's acceptance speech did what it had to do.  Romney gave viewers and listeners his human side, gave a stout defense of his business career, and chided -- ever-so-gently -- President Obama for his failures.  Romney employed the soft-touch about Mr. Obama's miserable term in office, we're told, lest he offend some of the president's 2008 voters and independents who are undecided this go-round. The last is balderdash, mostly peddled by establishment Republicans.  Establishment Republicans are hung up on the president's presumed "likeability" among voters, as if the nation were conducting an election for high school class president.  The gritty fact is that Americans are made of sterner stuff.  Voters may like Mr. Obama, but they are quite willing to fire him for cause.  Jimmy Carter wasn't disliked by voters back in 1980; they didn't think he was up to the job.  And Ronald Reagan gave voters good reasons,...(Read Full Article)