Relying on US Intelligence

Jerusalem and the resettlement of Palestinian refugees disappeared from the Democratic Party platform; language that characterized Hamas as unacceptable to the United States -- not only to Israel -- disappeared.  Jerusalem is back.  But the crucial part of the Democratic Party Platform for Israel is related only tangentially to Israel.  It is about Iran: (The) window for diplomacy will not remain open indefinitely and that all options -- including military force -- remain on the table.  But we have an obligation to use the time and space that exists now to put increasing pressure on the Iranian regime... The crucial questions are: How much time and how much space exist before the window slams on our fingers? What is the U.S. track record on recognizing, assessing and timing an emerging threat? What is the consequence to us and to others if we miss? The answers are not comforting.  There were important intelligence misses -- Pearl Harbor, the 9-11...(Read Full Article)