Reefer Madness (Climate Change Edition)

A new study by climate researchers from Germany, Australia, and Canada seems to prove beyond any doubt that -- hold on to your hat -- if global temperatures reach levels at which coral reefs are damaged, then coral reefs will be damaged.  Terrifyingly irrefutable logic. The news article outlining the study's findings, entitled "World's coral reefs will die without drastic action on climate change: study," is as typical in its alarmism as it is alarming in its typicality.  What does "drastic action" entail?  How are such "drastic" measures to be undertaken?  Who is to take them?  Might there be any legal or ethical issues implied by such measures?  A real journalist, if there were one, would be asking these questions.  Our modern Official Story disseminators simply say, "Wow, listen to this!"  In reply, the online commentators on this article line up to say, "Yeah, it's all the right-wingers' fault," or "Man, this is scary." So, what...(Read Full Article)