The coverage at the third-tier cable outlet MSNBC this week has been no less than a hysterical fit over all the perceived "racist" slights that might possibly be construed from criticism of the president.  The Democratic Party's attempts to color the Republican Party as a cohort of racist wind-talkers, brandishing everything from "golf" to "Chicago" as a kind of racial code, smacks of the kind of paranoia one might hear from a gang of choom-smokers watching A Clockwork Orange in their college dorms. Yet what else would a gathering of conservative Republicans do but criticize the leftist leader of the opposition party? But that was the point of the pro-Democrat media elevating Barack Obama to president of the United States from seemingly out of nowhere: to place him above criticism.  The problem is that in a two-party, center-right nation, divisive politics are as old as the Republic itself. Political opposition to the Democratic Party cannot be based on race if it...(Read Full Article)