Our Immature President

When I was a young man, I worked as a consultant in the health care industry.  I was technically competent, armed with what I believed to be irrefutable data, and confident that I was right.  So I frequently and enthusiastically butted heads with other managers, and sometimes even with my superiors.  But I didn't have line management control over implementation of my recommendations, and I was often disappointed with the longer-term results.  I kept at it, maturing both as a consultant and as a man.  And years later, I understood that instead of fighting for 100% of what I wanted, it was often more effective to work things out with others and shoot for, let's say, 70% of what I wanted.  This applied even when I had more "power" than the managers of a problem department. As the newly elected president, Barack Obama had two major opportunities to demonstrate leadership.  The first was the passage of his stimulus package, and the second was...(Read Full Article)