One Election Away from Tragedy

For the last thirty-plus years, each election has been described by pundits as "the most important election in history."  Finally this claim is no longer hyperbole. Elections can be important, but they should not be "game-changers." For the first time in my life, we face an election that truly lives up to its exaggerated billings. This election likely is the most important one in American history. An Inflection Point The United States of America is at an inflection point where this election will determine whether we continue to veer off-course or return to a conventional path. The issue is whether we reinvent this country in ways that have failed everywhere else in both place and time, or return to the traditions that have made America the envy of the world. The key figure in this election is one Barack Obama. What he represents and insists on imposing is a revolution in values, markets and what has been known as the American way of life. His opponent, Mitt Romney, hardly seems...(Read Full Article)