On the Road to Benghazi

In retrospect, the Democratic Convention highlighted a liar, Elizabeth Warren.  She was hired by Harvard law school because she lied about her ethnicity to gain affirmative action benefits, exaggerated her scholarship which was shoddy, practiced law for years in Massachusetts out of her law school office without being a member of that state's bar -- and possibly at the time a member of no bar at all.  She gummed on before the crowd about working for the middle class hiding from the audience that she had  made  hundreds of thousands of dollars representing big corporations in disputes against steel workers and asbestos victims among others. This week, Professor William Jacobson exposed all of that. But she was hardly the only world class mythomaniac from Harvard law school on the podium at that Convention, the theme of which was Obama the  bold slayer of Bin Laden and destroyer of  Al Qaeda, the experienced and aggressive counter terrorist expert....(Read Full Article)