On 9/11 and Forgiveness

Today, before the sun had melted the morning into afternoon, I had been told three times that forgiveness was the order of the day for this upcoming 11th anniversary of 9/11.  Once was by the carnival barker/news anchor on the television.  I heard it for the second time by the teenager in a television commercial, urging his fellow citizens to commit "acts of service" as a means of remembrance.  Lastly, a sign on the marquis outside a church I drove past read, "Remember, but Forgive." It has always been a difficult concept for a hothead like me to grasp, this forgiveness thing.  I know Jesus would, but I'm no Jesus.  To me, forgiveness is an act reserved for those who erred unintentionally, or through a lapse in judgment, not for those who acted out of a malicious intent to harm or kill.  I can't fathom forgiving the rapist of a child, or the savage murder of the innocent and helpless.  It is a good thing that I am not all-powerful, because I would...(Read Full Article)