Obama's Struggle

On the campaign trail, Michelle Obama often employs the word "struggle."  It was actually Mrs. Obama's peculiar pronunciation -- "shtruggle" -- that first drew my attention to the frequency of her usage.  At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, her speech referred to some form of "struggle" nine times.  Last week, speaking in Durham, Michelle referred to "struggle" five times and as a theme of her address, prompting BuzzFeed to title its report "Michelle Obama:  Barack 'Has Been Struggling With Us.'"  Mrs. Obama said her husband has struggled each and every day since he took office nearly four years ago to make life better for people. "Barack Obama has been working every day since the day he took office," she told an adoring crowd of 3,000 that greeted her with deafening cheers at the historically black university. "He has been fighting for us. He has been struggling with us. And together slowly but surely, we have been pulling ourselves out of that hole...(Read Full Article)