Obama's Biblical Rewrite

In an act of "the evil most pure," as Inspector Poirot might put it, Obama slipped poisonous "change" into the wording of the Biblical passage he abuses to add Godly gravitas to the black racial rant he published as Dreams from My Father.  By his textual sleight-of-hand, he converted an expression of Biblical love and equality into race-baiting hate speech. Yes, the ambitious Obama changed an Old Testament verse from one recognizing the unity of all humanity before God into a Biblical endorsement of perpetual black racist separatism in the "alien" land of America.  None of the talking heads who dominate the media noticed, of course, and now he is president. In Obama's deceptive hand, the pitch-perfect new quotation sets the tone for his bitter, grudge-holding account of eternal racial alienation and of his visceral, burning rage at a white America he views as enemy number one in the world.  Confidently, recklessly abusing the trust of his readers, Obama "informs" that 1...(Read Full Article)