Obama's Biblical Rewrite

In an act of "the evil most pure," as Inspector Poirot might put it, Obama slipped poisonous "change" into the wording of the Biblical passage he abuses to add Godly gravitas to the black racial rant he published as Dreams from My Father.  By his textual sleight-of-hand, he converted an expression of Biblical love and equality into race-baiting hate speech. Yes, the ambitious Obama changed an Old Testament verse from one recognizing the unity of all humanity before God into a Biblical endorsement of perpetual black racist separatism in the "alien" land of America.  None of the talking heads who dominate the media noticed, of course, and now he is president.

In Obama's deceptive hand, the pitch-perfect new quotation sets the tone for his bitter, grudge-holding account of eternal racial alienation and of his visceral, burning rage at a white America he views as enemy number one in the world.  Confidently, recklessly abusing the trust of his readers, Obama "informs" that 1 Chronicles 29:15 says, "For we are strangers before them [emphasis added -- the original is "thee" or "you," referring to God], and sojourners, as were all our fathers."  "Sojourners," of course, means aliens in a foreign land, visitors who don't really belong.

Should any naïve soul actually doubt for a moment just whom Obama perceives as the "we," or who Obama thinks is the "them" in the verse,  the answer is made perfectly clear by Obama on page four of his book.  There, in the first of many remarkably revealing racial passages, he recalls how he and his roommate "enjoyed" verbally humiliating and "laughing at" white pedestrians who came alone down the sidewalk in front of their edge-of-Harlem apartment in Manhattan.  His roommate would, with "rage," shout the "bastards," the "white people," into cleaning up after their dogs, and "watch them stoop to do the deed."

Over more than 400 pages of Dreams we learn how implacably alienated Obama and his various roommates, his beer and dope buddies, and his fellow super-cool black party animals are, and they all believe they have every right to be.  Obama's alienation holds as constant as the Northern star, from Hawaii to New York and on to his life "organizing" blacks in Chicago.  The alienation is endless, everlasting, and indelible.  Not only is this the consequence of this star-kissed Punahou Academy/Occidental/Columbia/Harvard grad's perception of rampant white racism in numerous remarks made to him by white people with the best of intentions, but it is rooted more ominously in Obama's abiding anger at simply being a member of a racial minority in a white country. 

Obama's racial anger, which he brags he can, by smiling, easily conceal, even from his own mother, disappears only when Obama goes to Africa.  He describes how much more comfortable he felt when he went "home" to Africa, where he enjoys "the freedom of not being watched" and the similar "freedom" of "believing" that your "rump sways the way it is supposed to sway."  This apparently relieves him of the stress of being watched from behind as he walks around in white America.

Obama's lifelong racial rage, documented so well in his own hand, combined with the reckless pleasure in he takes in deceiving "white people" (and blacks, too, as exemplified in his joining a Christian church specifically to deceive local black political prospects that he was one of them), poses a clear and present danger to our nation.  America's most fateful election looms ahead.  If, as the Greek Heraclitus warned,  "character is destiny," lets us pray that the American people awake and thereby insure that Obama's destiny is to fail to grasp that second term, in which, as he promised the premier of Russia, he can be "more flexible" in his actions.

Barely constrained now by a Constitution he openly despises, an Obama re-elected will be capable of trying anything in his effort to finish off the old America and replace it with one more suited to his purposes.  Is he, like the god Shiva, the "destroyer of worlds"?  If Americans re-elect him, we shall soon find out, as we all set out on a darkling sea, on a voyage unimaginable to a once-shining nation all too confident that our beloved America will always be here for us.

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