Obama's Ambition

After years of trying to figure out who Barack Obama is, I think I have found the solution.  I've read countless stories of various theories which describe him as (1) a communist, (2) a Muslim, (3) an anarchist,  (4) a New World Order proponent, (5) a narcissist, or even (6) an anti-christ. Though after watching his behavior the last few years and reading all I could on his background, I believe that the motivation behind Barack Obama is that he has no ambition, and what drives him is a life of leisure with wealth and no responsibility. Rather than a lifetime of achievements and years of toil at anything, the evidence points to a person who enjoys all the fruits given him.  Some have reported that he doesn't really like being president.  According to Investors Business Daily, he skips over half the daily intel meetings, he has more time on the golf course than attending economy meetings, and we also know he takes more vacations than any previous president has...(Read Full Article)