ObamaCare: A Shell Game With No Pea

You know the game with three shells, or even bottle tops, that street con men use to separate you from your money?  They place a pea under one of three shells, move the shells around very rapidly, and then challenge you find the pea.  How would you feel if you turned over all three shells and found no pea? The ACA is the shell game, President Obama is the man with fast hands, and cost reduction is the pea.  Among the numerous contradictions offered by the president about his Healthcare Exacerbation Plan (he calls it reform; I call it what it is), one of the most egregious now stands fully exposed. The president promised the American people that the ACA would save money.  Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi waxed eloquent about this on the Charlie Rose TV show, as did Senator Harry Reid before a sea of microphones. Their rationale was as follows.  By insuring every American, the ACA would eliminate the huge expenses associated with unnecessary...(Read Full Article)