Obama versus Clinton

At last week's DNC (as much as conservatives may hate to admit it), the most effective case for the re-election of Barak Obama was made by Bill Clinton.  (I didn't say, "the most truthful case.")  To paraphrase the former president: everything was great while I was president in the nineties; George Bush and the Republicans screwed it up in the 2000s.  Now that things are slowly getting better, Romney wants to take us back to the bad old days of George Bush. Many Americans buy this narrative, and I think it explains why despite poor recent economic numbers, Barack Obama remains ahead in the polls.  Most Americans continue to hold George Bush responsible for the economic disaster which came at the end of his administration, and most Americans look to the nineties as the golden age of recent economic history.  The question is whether President Obama believes this account of things. The current president likes to say in his speeches something to the effect that...(Read Full Article)