Obama in the Buff

"The emperor has no clothes!"  That was the cry of a small child in the Hans Christian Andersen tale as the emperor made his way past, entirely unclothed, while no one had the nerve to speak up. That's pretty much the situation today.  With the recent exception of Maureen Dowd's scathing critique of Obama's convention acceptance speech ("My fellow citizens, you were the change...We were the change?"), there hasn't been much media criticism of the president.  Liberal commentators continue to gloss over the mistakes of the most partisan and inept administration in our history.   There is a great deal that is embarrassing about this administration, just as there was about the emperor in Andersen's tale, even when he had his clothes on.  Because he had no real interest in governing -- he was all for show -- the emperor was easily swayed by charlatans.  Because he was arrogant, he refused to accept criticism.  And because he was by nature immoderate...(Read Full Article)