Obama in Denial on the War against America

The Obama administration was wrong when first it said that what happened in Cairo and Benghazi was a spontaneous gush of righteous Muslim indignation.  After days of insisting that a snippet of YouTube trash was responsible -- not U.S. policy and certainly not the U.S. government -- and that Susan Rice had better intelligence than the president of Libya and Jay Carney had magic insights, the administration backtracked and called it terrorism.  Mr. Carney now says it is "self-evident" that the attacks were terrorism.  Wrong twice; the attacks were acts of war against Americans on American soil.  The distinction is important if we plan to protect ourselves and our interests. Benghazi was well-planned and executed with weapons that require military training.  The Washington Post had one of the best reports: The attackers stormed the main building and set it on fire. One U.S. official described the militants striking the front of the building first, distracting...(Read Full Article)