Obama 2012: More Chutzpah than Hope

With Obama complaining that Mitt Romney is "new" to foreign policy and that Romney's positions are "extreme," mainstream America might need to redefine the word chutzpah.  Traditionally defined as stunning audacity, such as murdering one's parents and then pleading for clemency on the grounds of being an orphan, chutzpah will now have to be defined as spending one's career on the left-wing fringes of society and then questioning the qualifications of anyone with real-world experience. In the 2008 campaign, Obama's closest claim to foreign policy experience was that he had spent part of his childhood in another country.  That was tantamount to claiming the right to practice medicine on the grounds that one was treated by a pediatrician in childhood.  One suspects that, even now, Romney knows enough not to bow to the heads of foreign states, and that alone validates his foreign policy credentials against those of Obama. The more stunning charge coming out of the Obama...(Read Full Article)